Hamilton Conservation Authority Waterfall Areas

Several of Hamilton’s most spectacular waterfalls can be found on Hamilton Conservation Authority lands.  This guide will give you an overview of some that can be easily accessed within the Hamilton area.

Devil’s Punch Bowl Falls

This waterfall is made up of two separate falls, the Upper and Lower.  The Upper Falls is an 18-foot classical, and the main Lower Falls is a 111-foot ribbon waterfall.  The Devil’s Punch Bowl Conservation Area also contains one of the best exposures of the various sedimentary rock layers in the watershed. It provides great views of Stoney Creek, Hamilton and Lake Ontario.

Location: Ridge Road, East of Highway 20

Felker’s Falls 

Felker’s is a 70-foot ribbon waterfall located in the Felker’s Falls Conservation Area.  This natural area atop the Niagara Escarpment features trails, scenic vantage points and landscaping. The Peter Street Trail, which is fully wheelchair accessible, is one of the highlights of this area.

Location: North of Mud Street off Paramount Drive on Ackland Street, Stoney Creek



Tiffany Falls

This waterfall, also made up of an Upper and Lower Falls, is surrounded by typical Bruce Trail terrain: rocks to step over and steep descents.  At the Lower Falls, a ribbon waterfall, Tiffany Creek tumbles 58.5 feet from a broad valley above the escarpment into a V-shaped ravine below.  The Upper Falls at 21 feet is a much smaller classical waterfall.  Access to the falls is from a parking area just off of the road on Wilson Street.  A short side trail leads you to the waterfalls.

Location: On Wilson Street (Highway 2), between Ancaster and West Hamilton



Hermitage Falls

At only 19-feet this diminutive hidden treasure is one of the smaller waterfalls in the area, but still worth the trip to see, especially in the spring thaw, or after a heavy rain.  To find the waterfall, park in the first parking lot at the Gatehouse (before the Hermitage Ruins) and walk back toward the entranceway.  The waterfall is located east of the driveway.

Location:  From Wilson Street, turn right on Sulphur Springs Road, then right again at the stop sign.  There will be a sign for The Hermitage on your right as you head into the sharp turn at the bottom of the hill.


Heritage Falls

Located behind the Griffin House Museum, the Heritage Falls is a 12-foot curtain waterfall.  It is dry most of the year, but quite pretty during wet periods.

Location: From Wilson Street, turn right onto Sulphur Springs Road.  Turn right again at the stop sign.  This is Mineral Springs Road.  Continue on Mineral Springs until you see a small sign on your right for the Hermitage.  Park at the Hermitage Gatehouse and take the Homestead Trail.  This will lead you to the waterfall.  The creek that feeds the waterfall is a branch of Sulphur Creek.


Webster Falls & Tews Falls – Spencer Gorge Conservation Area 

This magnificent conservation area provides public access to Tews Falls, a 134-foot ribbon waterfall and Webster Falls, a beautiful 76-foot classical waterfall.  With a crest of 79-feet, it is also the largest in the region.  The area contains spectacular vistas over the gorge areas for both waterfalls. A trail allows access to the Dundas Peak, which overlooks Dundas and Hamilton. The many rare species, range of habitats and old trees together make Spencer Gorge/Webster Falls one of Hamilton’s finest natural areas.

Location: Located at 367 Highway 5 West, Dundas. From May 12, 2018 to October 28, 2018 (weather permitting), parking on weekends and holiday Mondays will be located at 1000 Highway 5 West at Christie Lake Conservation Area.  A shuttle service will drop visitors off at Tew Falls and Greensville Optimist Park to access Webster Falls.  No parking will be permitted in HCA lots during these peak periods. For more information, please visit www.conservationhamilton.ca/shuttle


Borer’s Falls

This classical 58-foot waterfall is also known as Rock Chapel Falls.  The village of Rock Chapel’s sawmill, run by the Borer family, was powered by this waterfall for more than 100 years.  This passive use natural area features informal trails and the bridge that crosses Borer’s Creek offers a stunning view of the gorge below.

Location: Rock Chapel Road, west of Highway 6, and south from Highway 5.  The waterfall can also be accessed from below at Borer’s Falls Conservation Area on York Road.



Waterfall Safety

It is important to follow signage and marked paths when visiting these areas. The City of Hamilton reminds the public to:

  • park in designated areas only
  • take advantage of the weekend/holiday shuttle provided at Spencer Gorge/Webster Falls (367 Highway 5 West at Mizener’s Antiques and Fleamarket)
  • enjoy these beautiful, natural areas responsibly
  • stick to paths, exercise extreme caution, and stay well back from slopes, edges and other fall or slipping hazards
  • keep children and pets close
  • respect posted signage, and do not climb or otherwise bypass fencing – both for your own safety and for the environmental health of the areas

Read more about waterfall safety here.